Network Measurement of P2P Cryptocurrencies

Surya, Andrew, Simon, Sid

Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency, but there are hundreds of competitors. Built on top of a peer-to-peer network, consisting of thousands of nodes. What is the topology of this network? Is it vulnerable to attacks? These questions can best be answered by measuring the network. We build and deploy experiments using Coinscope, a platform for connecting to, monitoring, and actively interacting with cryptocurrency networks.

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Honey Badger BFT is the first *asynchronous* consensus protocol for the post-Bitcoin world. Unlike the other protocols you’ve heard of, like Raft, Paxos, and PBFT, our new protocol makes progress whenever messages are delivered, regardless of how long they are delayed. HoneyBadgerBFT just doesn’t care about the timeliness of the underlying network!

HoneyBadgerBFT GitHub page

The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols
Andrew Miller and Yu Xia and Kyle Croman and Elaine Shi and Dawn Song. To appear, CCS 2016.

Incentive Compatible Consensus Protocols using Smart Contracts

Abhiram, Andrew

Decentralized Storage Systems

Utsav, Andrew

Privacy Analysis of Cryptonote-based Currencies

Kevin, Andrew

Hawk – Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts